Beautiful Maltese Puppies for Sale

Do you want a sweet, gentle, and affectionate dog to be your next member of the family? If so, find healthy and happy Maltese puppies for sale at Maltese’s by Modica. We are located in Ohio but will sell to anyone in the United States.

Discover Why a Maltese Dog Is the Perfect Pet

The Maltese is a toy breed that is perfect for couples and individuals. Maltese dogs are gentle, peaceful, playful, affectionate, and intelligent. They do well with both people and animals, and they are usually quick to learn from and respond to owners, which allows for easy training.

Because they are small, they don’t need much space in your home and are easy to take along with you, whether you enjoy traveling or just need to run errands.

If you enjoy cuddling, then Maltese dogs are a perfect fit for you! They love being held, and they will enjoy your petting them, which, in turn, is soothing and calming for you.

Best of all, Maltese dogs are adorable with their silky white fur, expressive eyes, and lively personality. If you love showing off your dog, then a Maltese is a perfect choice.

Get an Ethically Bred Puppy From a Responsible Breeder

Maltese’s by Modica is an American Kennel Club–registered breeder, which ensures that all puppies are ethically bred and genetically healthy. We have two vets, Dr. Brian Greenfield and Dr. Robert Hutchinson, who carefully look over our puppies to ensure they are healthy and happy. We raise each puppy in our home with love and affection until they are old enough for their forever home.

Find Your Next Family Member Today

Want to learn more about our available Maltese puppies for sale? Please call us at (216) 389-1155, or email us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you!

Available Puppies

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